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Maritime Environmental Monitoring System (MEMS)

In the last few years, there has been a shift to having coastal nations devoting time, energy and funding to protecting the local maritime environment. Many countries rely on their waters for fishing, shipping and tourism. It has become apparent that vessels transiting through these territorial waters are one of the main culprits of water pollution. From dumping ballast water contaminated with pollution and invasive species in forbidden areas to oil spills and garbage, there are many ways these transiting vessels can pollute local waters.


This is where TITAN MEMS (Maritime Environmental Monitoring System) is beneficial. TITAN MEMS monitors the national waterways through a variety of sensor feeds hereby giving operators and authorities information at their fingertips of what vessels are transiting and have a exact replay of what happened if required to legally bring polluters to justice. 

For more information on how TITAN MEMS can help you and your waterways, please contact your local dealer today!

Image by Andrew Coelho
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