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The Data Distribution Unit (DDU) is an advanced method of sensor distribution in a Local Area Network (LAN) and a Wide Area Network (WAN).

The purpose of the DDU is to provide data received from a variety of sources, be it, RADAR / AIS / Weather Stations / RDF / CCTV to its local workstation clients and other locations outside the LAN.

The DDU is capable of taking data from one sensor (site 1) , and sending that to another DDU in a different location (site 2), or different ministry or user site where the local DDU can receive the data and provide that to TITAN Sentinel for viewing. Furthermore, if users in site 3 require data from the sensors connected in site 1, it’s not a problem for DDU as site 1 can communicate to site 3. In fact multiple sites can connect and share their data with multiple sites with the appropriate set up and permissions.

The flexibility of DDU provides our users with a cost advantage never seen before in the industry.

This unique ability to share data significantly reduces the cost of having to put up numerous sensors to supply data to various users in need of information.

The Data Distribution Unit V2.jpg
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