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A VTS for Solving Complex Issues for Larger Ports

TITAN Sentinel enables Operators to effectively monitor and manage their areas of responsibility through a multi-sensor integrated display. The system provides operators consistent and reliable information to safely guide ship movements and effectively perform daily tasks by providing concrete real time information to base decisions. 

Benefits of TITAN Sentinel:

  • Integrates AIS, Satellite, Radar, CCTV, RDF, VHF and Meteorological Sensors

  • Complies with IALA V-128 recommendations and G-111 guidelines

  • Assists in managing the safe arrival and departures of vessels

  • Accurate and timely sensor data integration eliminating guesswork

  • Assists in increasing efficiency in daily activities

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Features Include:
  • Real-time display of AIS/Radar targets

  • Multi-sensor integration

  • Record/Replay vessel tracks

  • Professional Charts w/ editing tools

  • Auto-tracking targets with camera

  • Auto-camera acquisition of targets

  • Customizable targets and track display

  • Distance measurement tool

  • ETA prediction tool

  • Integration of Unlimited AIS Units

  • Integration of Unlimited RDF Systems

  • Integration of Unlimited CCTV Cameras

  • Integration of up to 12 Radars

  • Integration with Weather Stations

  • Fully Integrated Record and Replay

  • Split Windows

  • Monitor targets in multiple independent windows

  • User-friendly interface - Windows based

  • Route management with automated alerts

  • Configurable vessel groups

  • Automated user-defined reports

  • Visual display of real time Weather reporting

  • Attach operator notes to individual ships

  • Auto surveillance rounds with CCTV

  • Fast search of AIS targets

  • Growth pattern built in

  • Extensive user-defined alarms

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