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TITAN AVIPS is a budget friendly VTMS designed for small and medium ports. The system provides reliable and timely information for quick and accurate decision making. TITAN AVIPS has built in alarms for Operators who have a varied job description and cannot always be in a control room. 

Benefits of TITAN AVIPS:

  • Budget friendly - Financing available for less than $2,500/mth

  • Increases efficiency 

  • Helps to manage the safe arrival & departure of vessels

  • Integrates AIS, Radar, CCTV, and a Weather Sensor for accurate decision making

  • Is aligned with IALA V-128 recommendations and G-111 guidelines

  • Easy to use

  • Standard configuration makes for quick installation. Standard optional sensors include AIS, Solid State Radar, CCTV Camera, VHF Radio, Weather Station, Point-to-Point and VTS license with professional Electronic Charts.

AVIPS Screen Shot
Features Include:
  • Real-time display of AIS/Radar targets

  • Multi-sensor integration

  • Record/Replay vessel tracks

  • Professional Charts w/ editing tools

  • Auto-tracking targets with camera

  • Auto-camera acquisition of targets

  • Extensive user-defined alarms

  • Customizable targets and track display

  • Distance measurement tool

  • ETA prediction tool

  • Monitor targets in multiple independent windows

  • User-friendly interface - Windows based

  • Route management with automated alerts

  • Configurable vessel groups

  • Automated user-defined reports

  • Visual display of real time Weather reporting

  • Attach operator notes to individual ships

  • Auto surveillance rounds with CCTV

  • Fast search of AIS targets

  • Growth pattern built in

"The Nanaimo Port Authority is pleased to support Xanatos Marine in its efforts to increase the effectiveness of its Marine Domain Awareness (MDA) products. As the owner of a Port wide MDA system, supplied, installed and supported by Xanatos Marine, the NPA has achieved increased Marine Domain Awareness to support its regulated requirements, enhanced its safety response capability, and built social licence through its expanded environmental monitoring. All of these information gathering capabilities have resulted in improved operational efficiencies and response management. Having real time information supports powerful decision making tools that previously had been lacking.


The solution provided to the port of Nanaimo meets our specific requirements, and has been fully supported through the design, procurement, installation, validation/training and operational phases of the project. This has been a significant project for our port, and one of its most successful, the credit for that is the close integration of the various teams by Xanatos' project management process."



Captain Edward Dahlgren 

Director of Operations & Harbour Master 

Nanaimo Port Authority

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