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June 2020

Xanatos is please to announce the launch of TITAN AVIPS. TITAN AVIPS is a budget friendly system specifically designed for small and medium sized ports.  This commercial-off-the-shelf system provides for quick procurement and delivery, simplified and xx installation, cost efficiency providing the operators a system that can help xxx with their daily tasks. 

PT Warga Extends Dealer Agreement

June 2020


Xanatos Marine is pleased to announce the extension of our Dealer Agreement with P.T. Warga in Indonesia. Previously, Xanatos has supported Warga on VTS projects in Surabaya Port and Bitung Port.   Xanatos is excited to work with and support Warga and their clients now and into the future. 

Dover Harbour Authority

February 2020

Xanatos Marine and our local dealer Marico Marine have completed the Dover Harbour Authority VTS installation project.  The Dover Harbour Authority have installed the TITAN Sentinel VTS system, a PMIS, radar, AIS, CCTV and weather stations.  

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