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Xanatos Marine is focused on delivering customized maritime domain awareness solutions to enhance safety, security and environmental stewardship.  Xanatos Marine’s experienced staff works with clients to identify their specific needs and implements technologies to increase the efficiency and accuracy of operations.

Xanatos Marine is an award-winning company that provides customized solutions for the maritime industry. With over 20,000 systems and sensors sold over the past ten years Xanatos Marine is established as one of the leaders in providing advanced maritime domain awareness systems.


Xanatos Marine works with the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide advanced solutions for Safety, Security and Environmental Stewardship. Xanatos Marine provides complete project solutions including the sensor equipment, integration software, civil works, communications, installation, integration, configuration, training and ongoing support.


Xanatos Marine’s headquarters are located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and has offices in Thailand and the Philippines. Xanatos Marine was incorporated in 1998 and took over daily operations of its sister company Xanatos Holdings (established in 1984) on January 1st, 2011.


Xanatos Marine has been involved in several major maritime projects over the past ten years including the Marine Electronic Highway in the Malacca Straights which was overseen by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and funded by the World Bank.


One of the projects which Xanatos undertook in 1998, on behalf of Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard was to develop a method where AIS could be seen on a quality Electronic Charting System. Radar had been the only real technology to view other targets on a charting system. However, with our development, we could tightly integrate the AIS with existing radar giving the mariner a completely new and sophisticated safety technology.


Xanatos Marine installed the first remote AIS Base Station which was positioned on Bowen Island in British Columbia, Canada. The AIS signal bounced off three microwave towers and ended up at the Victoria Coast Guard Station where our TITAN Server software was installed. This information was then transmitted to the Vancouver Vessel Traffic System via TCP/IP internal Coast Guard Network.


A number of reports were generated on the subject of AIS by Xanatos Marine. Three of these reports were submitted by Transport Canada to the IMO. The IMO passed along these documents to the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) who had been instructed to determine the course of AIS. IALA used these documents in their conferences when determining the AIS mandates for SOLAS vessels.


Xanatos Marine is committed to continually developing advanced solutions for the maritime industry and adapting to the ever-evolving needs of maritime authorities.


"The Nanaimo Port Authority is pleased to support Xanatos Marine in its efforts to increase the effectiveness of its Marine Domain Awareness (MDA) products. As the owner of a Port wide MDA system, supplied, installed and supported by Xanatos Marine, the NPA has achieved increased Marine Domain Awareness to support its regulated requirements, enhanced its safety response capability, and built social licence through its expanded environmental monitoring. All of these information gathering capabilities have resulted in improved operational efficiencies and response management. Having real time information supports powerful decision making tools that previously had been lacking.


The solution provided to the port of Nanaimo meets our specific requirements, and has been fully supported through the design, procurement, installation, validation/training and operational phases of the project. This has been a significant project for our port, and one of its most successful, the credit for that is the close integration of the various teams by Xanatos' project management process."



Captain Edward Dahlgren

Director of Operations & Harbour Master

Nanaimo Port Authority

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